With ongoing lockdowns and the continuing growth of eCommerce, more customers are heading online to buy the things they need (as well as the things they just can’t live without!) This is great news for Shopify store owners who are ready and waiting to sell their products online (like you!). However, is your website ready [...]
Have you started a business in a competitive space? Are you struggling to get customers to notice you or find people to give your product or service a go?  If you’re a small business owner who’s looking to stake a claim in your market, brand positioning is key. Clearly positioning your brand or product helps [...]
Let’s get real for a moment. You have an amazing website that looks great and brings in loads of traffic. But, are you making sales from all those wonderful visitors? If not, you have an opportunity to fix this! Your business needs customers, not visitors. While attracting more traffic is an important goal, it’s not [...]
Taking the plunge and getting a professional to create a new website or overhaul an existing site is a big step. We know from experience it’s a decision that’s never made lightly! You should feel confident, supported and excited through every stage of the process. That’s why we work closely with our clients during our [...]
After the excitement of launching your business starts to fade, it’s not unusual to feel a little ‘bleurgh’ about your website. It happens to all of us! With so many businesses starting with a basic website on a shoestring budget, it’s no surprise that one or two years later, you find yourself ready to level [...]
We’ve previously shared our love of Shopify as the website platform of choice for eCommerce owners. But, what if you’re a service provider? If you have a service-based business and you’re looking for the best website platform to showcase your services, which one should you choose? Well, we’ve given it away in the title, but [...]
Alongside marketing and finance, legals is one of the main pillars of any business. So, why is it that so many small business owners seem to spend way more time and money on their marketing and financials than their legals? You might think you’ve ticked all the boxes with getting an ABN, registering your business [...]
For eCommerce business owners, the website platform you use for your online store is crucial. Let’s face it, if your site goes down, runs slowly or doesn’t move your customers along the full buying journey, you’re going to lose out on sales, aren’t you? There are lots of platforms offering eCommerce functionality, including WordPress, Wix, [...]
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