What messages are you sending?

You’ve poured blood, sweat and tears into building your business. But it’s not always the businesses with the best ideas that win; it’s those with the clearest message who come out on top. Stand shoulders above your competitors with clever copywriting.


Does your website copy grab your customers by the hand and effortlessly lead them to the places you want them to go and do the things you want them to do? My no-nonsense advice on whether you need to re-position your brand or clear up your messaging might be just what you need.

Hire me ad hoc, on an hourly basis at $105/hour inc GST.

Conveying who you are, explaining what you do, and making the case for why your business is special is a tall order. You could DIY it and see how you go.

Or, you could invest in expertly optimised website copy that improves your search engine rankings and convinces customers to choose you and your business over your competitors.

Publish fresh and regular content with a steady stream of engaging blog posts that build your audience and bring SEO benefits in the process. With fresh ideas that get people talking, you’ll add value to your brand and create connections with the people you’re targeting.

From $132 inc GST per blog article, up to 1000 words and 2 revisions.

Want newsletters packed with interesting, informative and valuable content which appeal to your specific target audience?

Want to establish your credibility and provide opportunities for up-selling, cross-selling, and lead generation?

From $230 inc GST.

Your email subscription list is one of your best business assets, so make the most of it.

Whether you need copy for your automated transactional emails or you just need copy for a specific and targeted email marketing campaign, your email sequences will be focused on higher open rates and more conversions.

If you’re launching a brand, promoting a message, or showcasing what you’ve got to offer, you’ll need copy across your selected channels.

Supercharge your digital campaigns with words that build your brand and move your audience to action.

Transform your online store with fresh copy that makes it easy for Google to find you and gets people excited about your products.

Say goodbye to generic product descriptions and hello to engaging, benefit-focused product descriptions – written in your brand voice and designed to turn browsers into buyers.


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