Corporate Partner for the Small Business Digital Champions Initiative

Naked Digital Marketer has teamed up with the Australian Government to help small businesses succeed, and I’m beyond proud to be part of this initiative.

I’m going to throw some numbers at you to show how important it is to help small business succeed, and why this initiative is so vital for Australia.

Did you know that around 99% of Australian businesses are small businesses? These small businesses contribute an incredible $393 billion annually to our economy and employ about 5.7 million Australians (that’s about half the private sector workforce).

When small businesses are digitally engaged, they are approximately:

  • 50% more likely to grow revenue;
  • 8 times more likely to create jobs;
  • 7 seven times more likely to be exporting (think global expansion!); and
  • A whopping 14 times more likely to be innovating new products and services.

However, often these small businesses are quite time poor, and need just that bit of extra help to introduce and fully embrace the technology to help them grow. If you own a small business, you will know how it can be difficult to carve out time to learn new tech when you’re doing all the other things to run the business, particularly when you have no help, and don’t know where to turn to get the assistance you need. This problem has been identified by the government, hence this new initiative.

Having the tools and armed with the knowledge of online marketing or eCommerce, small businesses can really begin to appeal to a wider national, and even international market, attracting new customers and increasing the reach of their brand, services and products. This helps you as a small Australian business become more competitive, effective, and ultimately, more profitable. We all want our businesses to succeed in the most time-efficient manner possible.

It is astonishing to learn that only about half of Australian small businesses have a web presence. In this day and age of constant connection, not having an online presence is truly hurting your business’ potential. Even less of these businesses use software for accounting and invoicing, sometimes still doing it the ‘old-fashioned’ pen and paper way. While it is understandably challenging and overwhelming to learn and begin using software to run your business, in the end, it really does save time, effort, stress and anxiety to move to a digital platform.

This move leads to small business owners feeling more confident and relaxed in their business, and allows them the extra time to spend with family, helping to create a happier work-life balance.

As part of this government initiative, 100 small businesses will receive a full digital transformation, with up to $18,500 in digital support which includes both products and services from corporate partners. In addition, 15 Digital Champions will have their transformation filmed and showcased as real-life stories to inspire and inform other small businesses across Australia.

I‘ll be providing pro-bono advice and contributions, and guiding the chosen small businesses on their journey to online connection.

All of this is exactly what Naked Digital Marketer stands for! Simplifying your online marketing, arming you with all the information to be able to run your business smoothly, without complication and giving you the clarity you need to succeed – and most importantly, easing work-related stress so you can still be present in your family life instead of hunched over the dining room table with work papers spread from yesterday’s lunch to tomorrow’s breakfast.

If you would like to discuss how I can help to simplify your small business’ digital marketing, book a time to chat with me.

More information on the initiative, including the interactive case studies, can be found at digitalchampions.employment.gov.au.

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