Generate & nurture your leads with email marketing

As a small business owner looking for simple, cost-effective marketing strategies to invest in, you can’t go past building an email list and offering quality content. Unlike your friends or followers on social media, your email subscribers opted-in and gave you permission to stay in touch, making their inbox a valuable piece of real estate. Even when your subscriber isn’t ready to buy from you, email marketing reminds them you exist.

To get even more out of email marketing, try email automation. Each of your campaigns run entirely on autopilot while giving you all the information you need on how everything is performing with your leads, prospects, and customers.


You might need help getting started, ramping up your campaigns, improving execution, or just need someone to show you how to evaluate campaigns already underway.

Bring me in to gain clarity and brainstorm creative ideas for your email marketing campaigns.

Hire me ad hoc, on an hourly basis at $105/hour inc GST.

If you’ve already gone down the path of email marketing but know your results could be better, an email marketing audit is for you. You’ll get the insight and direction needed to improve your email marketing strategies with clear advice on what’s working and what’s not.

If you’re not making the most of email automation, I’ll show you how automation workflows can reach your leads at every point in their interaction with you.

Email marketing audits from $155 inc GST

I can manage email campaigns on your behalf including content creation, design, and management.

I’ll even give you insight on who reads your newsletter, on what device, and what they spent the longest time on – vital information for nurturing and growing your client database.

Email campaigns start from $315 inc GST.

Not every visitor to your website is ready to buy, but I can help you capture a higher percentage of visitor email addresses with opt-in and lead magnet design.

Once you have leads, I can create automated email workflows that are triggered at different customer touchpoints — when a contact gets added to a list, submits a form on your website, clicks a link in an email, or abandons their cart.

From $155 inc GST, you can choose to work with me on:

> Strategy
> Workflow automation
> Opt-in
> Lead magnet design


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